The building


Μany years ago the sign on the wall of the building where ‘Shedia home’ is now housed bore the name of ‘STATHOPOULOS Dimitrios’. The beautiful neoclassical 4-storey building which is fully related to our dream for an innovative project of social and environmental character, has its own history that the present owner, Mr Stathopoulos, has told us.

His great-grandfather, John G. Stathopoulos, who was engaged in the production and the trade in musical instruments, had the honorary title of “Musical instrument maker of the Royal Court”. He established his first business that was housed in this building, around 1868. He died in 1916 and his son, Dimitrios Stathopoulos, took over the business. He became very famous and he was one of the two members of the Musical Instruments Makers and Traders Founding Management Board, in 1927. His daughter, the painter Helen Stathopoulou, was one of the passengers of the legendary New Zealand ship ‘Mataroa’, which, just before the breaking out of the civil war in Greece in December 1945, helped 120 grant-holders (artists, scientists, intellectuals, etc.) of the French State to escape to Paris.

Our historical building ended up in the hands of D. Stathopoulos’ great grandson who was engaged in the trade of textiles. He himself transferred the building to us. “I have read the Shedia magazine and I’ve learned about the mission and the work of Shedia’s people. Now time has come for me to retire and I want to leave the building to an organization engaged in social work, an organization whose high objectives are to help and assist our fellow men’, Mr Stathopoulos told us before transferring the building to us.