A basket named after the goddess Artemis, a pair of earrings bearing the name Antigone, a coaster named after the god Dionysus found their way into the ground floor of Kolokotroni street. In this renovated building Greek mythology meets street magazines from around the world, such as Megaphone, Real change, Faktum, and together they welcome the friends of shediart.

But do you know what the name of each of our products means?


Amalthia: Nurse of Zeus in Idaion Andro, where his mother, Rea, had hidden him in order to protect him from his father, Kronos, who swallowed his children.

«Iso Numero»: The first street paper in Finland.

«Megaphone»: Canadian street paper with central offices in Vancouver.

Eurydice: Nymph of Greek mythology, wife of Orpheus.

Adrastia: Daughter of Zeus and Anague. Goddess, personification of human instinct of revenge.

«Faktum»: Swedish street paper with central offices in Gothenburg. “Faktum” means “Fact”.

Imera: Goddess in Greek mythology, personification of daylight.

Afxo: One of the three Ores, goddesses of seasons and time of ancient Greece. Afxo was identified with the summer sun.

Thallo: One of the three Ores, goddess of spring and young sprouts.

Karpo: One of the three Ores, she protected the ripening and harvesting of fruits, which grew at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.

«The Big Issue»: The British street paper that was released in 1991.

Dionyssos: God of drama and play. His worship was connected with the celebrations of vegetation, germination and holy madness caused by drinking wine.

«Virkelig»: Norwegian street paper with central offices in Tromso.

Klio: Muse of History in Greek mythology.

«Real Change»: Street paper in Seattle, USA. It exists since 1994.


Lantana: Evergreen or semi-evergreen (in certain regions) bush of relatively fast growth. 

Harmonia: Daughter of Ares and Afrodite. The citizens and the cities-authorities appealed to her for just government in their socio-political life. 

«Surprise»: The name of the Swiss street paper with central offices in Basel.

«Schedia»: The Greek street paper.

Antigone: Tragic figure of the Thebean Cycle and of Greek mythology. Sister of Ismene and of twins Eteocles and Polynikes. Central heroine in the homonymous tragedy of Sophocles.


Evropi: A beauty kidnapped by Zeus, got pregnant and gave birth to at least three children: King MinoasRadamanthes and Sarpidonas. 

Artemis: Daughter of Zeus and Leto, twin sister of Apollo, queen of mountains and forests, goddess of hunting, who protected young children and animals.

Bodo: Street paper of Dortmund, Germany. 

Charites: In Greek mythology, goddesses of beauty, charm, nature, human creativity and fertility. The three Charites were Aglaia, the younger, Effrosyne and Thalia. 

Semele: One of the four daughters of Kadmos, founder and king of Thebes and of Harmonia, daughter of Afrodite and Ares.

Erato: One of the nine Muses of Greek mythology. Muse of lyric poetry and hymns, who protected marriage and love.

«Sorgenfri»: Norwegian street paper, which is distributed in TronheimIt means “free of worries”.

Ariadne: Daughter, in Greek mythology, of Minoa, king of Crete, and of Pacifae. Her name is particularly related to the myth of Theseus, of Minotaur and of god Dionyssos.


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