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Great music, a chilled cocktail and a cold beer are all ingredients that make a bar successful, the talk of the town, because people need to have fun, socialise and relax with a glass of good wine in hand, or dance to the sounds of the best music in town. Offering this opportunity for dancing, singing, interaction and chilling are so much the priority of “Shedia home” bar.

Here, our guests can enjoy unique cocktails prepared exclusively for us by our award-winning bartender Petros Mytilineos. From his excellent list, we recommend the cocktail that bears our name (you can find the recipe on the right), while the wine lovers can find a wide selection of brands from Greece and abroad. 

However, it’s good music that makes for a great party. This being the case, some of Greece’s most loved music producers have offered their services and their playlists. George Mouchtaridis, director of Pepper 96.6, Alexandra Gialini from the Third Program, Yannis Nenes from Athens Voice Radio 102.5 and George Matzouranidis from Offradio.

We should never forget, though, our humancentric values. “Shedia home” is a bar that promotes responsible drinking. We take care of our visitors, who have had “one too many”, by calling a taxi to drive them home safely. 

Let’s enjoy our drink from Sunday to Thursday until 00:30 am and on Friday and Saturday until 01:00 am.


Shedia Tea



50ml Skinos Mastiha Spirit

20ml lemon juice

20ml ginger juice

100ml lemon Iced Tea



Method: Build up

Glass: hurricane

You must put all the ingredients in a glass and fill it up with ice. You may garnish it with a small mint leaf and a piece of ginger.

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