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«Shedia home»

In one of the most beautiful corners of Athens, a carousel of kindness and generosity has transformed a heritage building into a unique hub of solidarity and applied social innovation. A place that has become the meeting point for all these forces of good, forces that unite and work together to make the world a better, fair place for all. Forces that are trying to support people, who have found themselves in a dire situation, to be able to ultimately support themselves.

The “home of Shedia” was established as a hub to talk up and provide solutions to social problems, to bring us all one step closer to a just society, to a world without poverty and social exclusion. It aims to energize, empower, train and create job opportunities for those who have experienced extreme poverty.

In our street paper “Shedia”, we strive to put together a magazine that is of real value to the reader himself, going beyond, that is, the importance of helping a person help themselves. Similarly, in “shedia home” we have created a place that provides top quality goods and services. The vision is that people would love to walk through our doors, because they dearly enjoy the delicious food, the music, the cocktails, the atmosphere, our “shediart” items. The knowledge that while having a great time, they take part in a special social project will make their hearts feel even warmer.

As soon as one walks through our door, if they lift their head, they will see 43 hanging lampshades in the shape of little houses. They are made out of the paper of past unsold issues of “Shedia” street paper. Each lampshade is a human story. It represents a person who, through their participation in “Shedia” projects, they managed to move out of the state of being homeless and into their very own home.

On the same floor – that is, on the ground floor – one can, also, browse through the “shediart” gift shop/showroom area, right next to the café-bar-restaurant. Our kitchen is in the basement, while on the mezzanine we have our “shediart” workshop area and the street paper distribution point. On the first floor of this historic building, people can visit Shedia’s offices and talk with its people.

Our doors are wide open to anyone who wishes to get to know us in person. We are there to welcome our guests who wish to come and relax, have fun, dance and chat with us about all these things that are close to our hearts and souls.

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Credit: Louisa Nikolaidou


Kolokotroni 56, 10560 Athens
210 331 6849

Οpening hours:*
Monday – Sunday: 8:30 a.m. till very late.

For reservations please call 210 331 6849 or contact us using our email info@shediahome.gr.