The cafeteria

We encourage you to walk through our door and find the best specialty coffee, the most delicious hot (or cold) chocolate, beverages of exceptional quality, nutritious sandwiches, all carefully selected to meet our highest standards.

In a uniquely aesthetic and smoke-free environment, our guests can enjoy their coffee, read a book or the latest issues of “New Yorker” and “Spiegel” magazines and “Le Monde Diplomatique”, or flick through the British street paper “The Big Issue”, the German “Hinz&Kuntz” and, of course, “Shedia”. If you are more of a technology geek, we offer free wifi and plenty of sockets to charge your laptop and/ or mobile phone.

Photo: Giannis Zindrilis

Photo: Giannis Zindrilis

Naturally, the area is fully accessible to people with mobility issues: there are elevated tables, so that someone can pass under them in a wheelchair. In the accessible toilets the hanger is placed lower, so that people in a wheelchair can reach it. Even the height of the bar has been adjusted accordingly. In addition, an audio version of our menu is available for our visually impaired fellow guests. Our bar and service staff have been trained to welcome and guide them.

Eliminating the use of plastic is imperative. To that end, we do not use plastic water bottles in “shedia home”, the takeaway cups are not plastic and the straws are made out of bamboo or paper. But perhaps we can drink our coffee without a straw altogether? Completely abolishing it is something we actively encourage and we are working towards, while always respecting those who insist on this habit.

As for the parents with very young children, who want to enjoy a cup of coffee in peace, on some Sunday mornings, a playground is regularly set up at the back of “shedia home”, where our much younger guests can play, under the supervision of a trained professional, while their parents can relax.

Photo: Giannis Zindrilis

Finally, our door is open to anyone who wants to refill their water bottle. We will be more than happy to do so. There is no need to be a “customer” in order for us to refill. Water is a social commodity.


  Kolokotroni 56, 10560 Athens 210 331 6849

Summer opening hours*
Monday – Sunday: 08:30 a.m. till very late

For reservations please call 210 331 6849 or contact us using our email

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