“Shedia” Social Enterprise

The Social Cooperative Enterprise for Collective and Social Benefit (“shedia SCE) was founded in 2017. The mission of the cooperative is:

1) Sustainable development
2) The provision of social services of general interest.

The actions initiated by “shedia SCE” include, among others:

a) The creation, coordination and operation of training workshops, where people experiencing poverty and social exclusion (homeless, long-term unemployed e.tc.) will be trained in the upcycling (recycling) and transformation of unsold copies of “shedia” street paper, as well as other recyclable materials, into utility products/ goods, which, in turn, will be available for retail sale and/ or wholesale.

b) The creation, organisation, function and coordination of training workshops and seminars, where people (school students and anyone interested) will be trained in the upcycling and transformation of unsold copies of “shedia”, as well as other recyclable materials, into utility products/ goods, thus strengthening environmental consciousness and proposing solutions to the environmental challenges we are faced with as a society.

c) The creation, function and coordination of spaces, which will be used for training purposes (hosting workshops for upcycling paper and other materials), in order to avoid their being discarded in the trash and to train citizens in matters concerning the proper use of goods that would otherwise be considered “waste”, therefore contributing to increased environmental awareness, in particular when it comes to disposing goods. These spaces will be also used as hot spots, where these products will be made and sold, as showrooms, as well as catering spaces (coffee shops e.tc.), creating new prospects, training and job opportunities for people who experience homelessness, poverty and social exclusion.

d) Services of Vocational Guidance and other support services for the social and occupational reintegration  of people who experience homelessness, poverty and social exclusion.

The statute of “Shedia” social enterprise:


  Kolokotroni 56, 10560 Athens
213 023 1220

  Opening Hours
Sunday-  Thursday 8:30 am. – 1 am.
Friday-Saturday 8:30 am. – 3 am.

For reservations please call 213 0231220 or contact us using our email info@shediart.gr.

The members of the “Shedia” Social Enterprise

Christos Alefantis, managing director

“Ι was born in Melbourne, Australia, where my parents immigrated in the mid-50s. I work as a journalist of more than 25 years. I am the founder and Editor in Chief of “shedia”, Greece’s only street paper, which launched in March 2013. “Shedia” -as all street papers worldwide- is a social enterprise and self-help model that provides an innovative solution to urban homelessness and unemployment. It offers people a dignified way to earn their own living and support themselves and their families. In addition to employment, “shedia” aims to offer its vendors on-going social support and training opportunities. In 2006, I founded the “Kick Out Poverty” campaign in Greece, incorporating the Greek Homeless Football Club. It is an initiative which uses sport -and in particular, football- as a way to activate homeless people and support them in their quest to rebuild their lives. Since 2007, The Greek Homeless Team is a member of the international social and sporting movement “Homeless World Cup””.

Spyridon Zonakis

“I was born in Piraeus in 1982. I graduated from the Faculty of Communication & Media Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2005, and in 2007 I graduated from the research master (Master 2 Recherche) in Comparative Politics of the Department of Political Science of the university PARIS X-Nanterre, where I specialised in modern politics and social history, as well as in matters of international refugee protection. In France, I collaborated with the Department of Archives and Research (Département «Archives et Recherche») of the Bibliothèque de documentation internationale contemporaine (BDIC). Articles of mine have been published in «Galera» magazine and «Avgi» newspaper and I’ve also collaborated with the NGO “Aitima”, providing legal support to the asylum seekers. Since 2008, I’ve been teaching French lessons, and I have also attended a two-year workshop for publishing editors, organised by the Educational Foundation of the National Bank. I am a journalist of “shedia” street paper since its creation”.

Aimilia Douka, treasurer

“Having worked for companies in Greece and abroad, I have many years’ experience in forming and implementing social responsibility programs. I have been volunteering in the “A Goal Against Poverty” campaign and the Greek homeless team since their beginnings, in 2007. Street paper “shedia”’s maiden voyage in Athens’ streets in February 2013 finds her on…the bridge. Holding the position of “communication & social program manager”, she participates in planning communicative actions, organising informative & fundraising events, managing the social supporters of the actions of “shedia”, as well as in developing a volunteer network and collaborations with other bodies”.

Katrin Kretschmer, member

“I studied sports science and pedagogy. I am the founder or the national homeless football team of Germany and I acted as its coordinator for years. I have worked as a project manager in social programs in Kiel (a region where the child poverty percentage surpasses 61%). Among others, I have also served as the coordinator of the pan-European Lifelong Learning Programme, in which ten countries in total >participated, in order to form social programs that emphasise on sports, and more particularly football (europeanstreetsoccer.org). I have dedicated myself in creating educational, participatory programs, formed especially for people that experience poverty and social exclusion.

Sergios Milis, member

“I was born in Athens in 1973. I grew up in the city centre, where I continue to live. I studied to become a Surveying Engineer in the National Technical University of Athens. I graduated in 1997. I worked as a surveyor until about 2011. Since 2007, I have been volunteering in the “A Goal Against Poverty” campaign and the National Homeless Football Team. Since 2012 I have been working for “shedia” street paper, which is published by the Non-Profit Organization NGO DIOGENIS, as the vendor network manager. I am married and I have two children”.