Our supporters

We are grateful to all those people, who helped turn “shedia home” into reality. Without their support, their ideas, their advices the home of shedia would face many difficulties in reaching its goal.

We would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts:

Stavros Niarchos Foundation (Grand donor), the Public Benefit Foundation of TIMA (donor), Bodosakis Foundation (donor), VISA Greece (donor), Caritas Hellas via  ELBA Program (donor), Interamerican (building insurance), Lefteris Lazarou (menu planning & staff training), Giannis Ifantidis (chef, staff trainer), Petros Mytilinaios (bartender, creator of our signature cocktails), George Mouhtaridis & Pepper 96,6, Alexandra Gialini, Giannis Nenes, Giorgos Matzouranidis (radio producers), Somethink* (creative studio), McCANN (advertising agency), Bob studio (design studio), Yannis Tseklenis (fashion designer).

Project contributors:

Architectural design: Potiropoulos+Partners
Lighting design: ASlight, Anna Sbokou
Mechanical and electrical installations design: Kostas Pagonas & CO LP
On site engineering: Tonia Katerini, architect & Ilias Papageorgiou, architect
Construction: Epikyklos Techniki Kataskevastiki
Program management & Curation: Vassilis Bartzokas, Design Ambassador

Special thanks to:

Louisa Nikolaidou (photographer), Ioli Chiotini (designer), Dimitris Samaras (sound engineer), Kostas Mokkas (General Director of Apivita, consulting services), Giorgos Vlachos (KEMEL, consulting services), EATA (consulting services), Panhellenic Association of the Blind (consulting services), Association of Social Responsibility for Children and Youth (consulting services), Irini Tsoni (My Atelier), Gavriil Papadiotis (photographer), Electron AE (lighting fixtures), Site Specific (lighting fixtures), Placed (lighting fixtures), Philips (lighting fixtures), VK Karakostas (lighting fixtures), Soulkitchen store (product provision), Formula Techniki (firefighting equipment), Formula (firefighting equipment), National Bank (product provision), Public (product provision), Madras (product provision), Agrovim (oil), Dedalos (disinfection services), Digifarm (printing).