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The Gastronomos Quality Awards were held on December 21 and this time, a Greek Australian was recognised for his work in supporting vulnerable people in Greece. He was recognised for Schedia Home, a restaurant he founded in downtown Athens that also offers support to vulnerable residents. Read more here.

Homelessness is a significant social issue in Greece, which was exacerbated by the Greek Financial Crisis which started in 2009, during which an estimated 111,000 Greek companies filed for bankruptcy. There is currently no accurate record of how many Athenians are experiencing homelessness, but the official unemployment rate hit almost 28% during the economic crisis […]

Shedia’s vendors in their recognisable red vests are now a familiar sight at street intersections, concert halls and other high-visibility places, challenging societal perceptions, one newspaper at a time. For the vendors, it is a step towards social inclusion, of getting back their dignity, their livelihoods, their jobs and homes back. When Christos Alefantis started […]

This summer marks the first festival venture by the people of shedia home, to be staged right in their front yard, Kolokotroni Street. The programme is lush: photo, video and sketch exhibitions, food tastings, live gigs, DJ sets and pop-up parties, children’s workshops, bicycle rides and moon observing are on the menu, with more to be […]

In the shadow of the Acropolis, on one of the busiest street corners in central Athens, attracting Greeks and tourists alike, shedia, the country’s street paper, is a major presence. Vendors populate the area, next to churches and souvenir shops, always visible. But the multi-storey complex of “shedia home” also catches the eyes of passers-by, […]

Lefteris Lazarou launched a new project, quite different from everything else, a project of solidarity and social sensitivity, since he supports with all his might the brand new offices of the street magazine “Shedia” (trnsl. raft), which opened in the center of Athens. Read more here.