A look inside “shedia home”

In the shadow of the Acropolis, on one of the busiest street corners in central Athens, attracting Greeks and tourists alike, shedia, the country’s street paper, is a major presence. Vendors populate the area, next to churches and souvenir shops, always visible. But the multi-storey complex of “shedia home” also catches the eyes of passers-by, even as it sits amongst swankier mainstays of the area.

“Shedia home” is the culmination of a long in fruition dream for those behind the street paper, namely its director Chris Alefantis – a literal home for shedia and all its parallel social projects to be housed in. “It’s true that having all these projects going, separately, may have worked,” says Alefantis. “But it wouldn’t have been the same. The whole of shedia would not have thrived the way that we hoped it would and now is.”

Source INSP.ngo

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